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Data Protection Education's Response to Novel Coronavirus

September 2020 update
There remains a great deal of uncertainty round COVID-19 and how this will impact (and be impacted by) school re-opening.
Whilst we are keen to re-start our visits to you as soon as possible, we are continuing to suspend in-person consultant visits until it is safe for you and safe for us to do so. Whilst we understand that some areas are safe, our team travels across a wide geographic area and by nature visits multiple locations in a short period of time. As we are able to support you remotely, we will continue to do so. This policy will be reviewed every half-term.

We will be continuing to meet our obligations and provide online consultations instead of visits. These will be focussing in on more administrative actions and supports, including Data Protection Impact Assessments and Record of Processing. . As we work with you remotely, we ask that you continue to honour the time allocated for a visit. We will be using a combination of phone calls and screen sharing software (you will just have to click on a link we provide in advance) and these extended sessions will be counted against visits in your SLA. Should staff be required to work from home in the future, we hope that we will be able to undertake these sessions using the same approach. Any sessions that must be cancelled, we ask as always for 72 hours notice and we will re-arrange for later in the year.

We would like everyone to complete this questionnaire, to help assess risk in relation to data when working from home and to help us advise on any risk:


Additionally, we have added some quick recommendations (and associated checklist) in the Working out of School best practice area. We have added further updates, including a revised working out of school policy:


We appreciate everyone's understanding in this matter. And I hope that just as we wish everyone to remain healthy, we are responsible to ensure that any changes (or potential changes) in data handling are taken into consideration during this time.

Please email dpo@dataprotection.education if you have any questions, or if we can help further. Your school consultant will be in touch directly regarding any imminent visits and sessions. We will post any further updates in our news section on the Knowledge Bank as well as communicating via email.

Kind regards, 

James England


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